Hello!  Miss Elaini Ous is a source for learning how to create beauty and live an intentional life right where you are.  I hope to encourage and inspire you.  Friend, you’re welcome at our table.

My Story

In 2011 I started this little space with an audacious goal to raise $50,000 for orphans in India by wearing and styling the same dress for 100 days.  Those 100 days turned into four years and over $100,000 for “my” sweet kiddos in India.

It’s been an amazing journey but late in 2015 I realized I had a desire to help people in new ways.  While a crazy project may have been the catalyst for this blog’s birth now this space is a place where I hope you can come and be refreshed.

Look at the news or talk to your friends and it won’t take you long to see that there is brokenness, pain, and suffering in this world.  This is a problem but I know there is a solution.  I believe that when we choose to focus on bringing beauty into the world through our words and actions we assist in healing some of that brokenness.

“In small and large ways, when we create beauty—in our environment, relationships, music, cooking, poetry, and celebrations—we push back the effects of the fall and express our hope for the new heaven and the new earth that God promises. When we give artful attention to detail, we point people to a truer and better reality. When we offer beauty we touch something in the human soul. We remind others of who they are and what they were made for. We bring hope and inspiration. This is a way of caring.”

Andi Ashworth

This is a place for those looking to be refreshed through devotionals and encouragement.  This is a space for those trying to add beauty to their lives and the lives of those around them.  I certainly don’t have it all figured out (not even close!) but I hope you’ll come along and learn with me.  One thing I do know is that we all just want to find a space where we are welcomed and encouraged and that’s what you’ll find here.  In fact I’ve created a special Dear Wednesday crew where I send out a weekly encouragement and I’d LOVE for you to be a part of it.  It’s a mid week pick-me up to remind you you’re not alone and to cheer you on!

My biggest passions are Christ and people.  I’m an imperfect person who wants to push back the darkness by bringing beauty and light into the lives of those around me.  If I have a large cup of tea while it rains nine months out of the year here in the gorgeous (and green!) northwest, then even better.  Pull up a chair and grab your favorite beverage and stay a while!

Let’s be friends!  Please don’t forget to join the Dear Wednesday encouragement crew so you don’t miss out on that weekly post (and you’ll get access to the FREE resource library). 🙂


P.S. (You can see the 100 days dress project here.)

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