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{You’ve Got Mail}


{a bouquet of notes}

IMG_2904It’s that time of the year when there seems to be copious amounts of pink and red hearts and a flurry of valentines being sent.  When I was a little girl my older sister would pull out the paint, stickers, and those wonderful, glittery sparkles and we would snip, glue, and create to our hearts content.  This year I swished my paint brush, painted cards, and then ran after the mailman (literally) so that I could send a little note to those who might not get one.  Make sure to express your love today to the ones you care about, because really, everyone should hear those words “I love you.”


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{No subtle color here}


{cherry lips}

{cherry lips}

Saturated color can make any day brighter.  Don’t underestimate the power of an artfully placed pop of vibrant color.  Discover a shade that works for you and wear it with confidence!

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{black on white}

Such a pure white.  Untouched and without a spot.  BLANK.  That page that stares back at me.  Crisp and almost impertinent it calls to be written on.  I hesitate…and then it comes.  Words. Meaning.

There is ONE word above all words and it has captured me.  The WORD that became flesh.  That WORD is writing my story.  I hope you will be a part of my story.  This adventure I have started and I can’t wait to share with you.  Will you come on this journey?  Oh I hope you will.

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{my love}

I have been SEIZED by the POWER of a GREAT affection!

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{Let’s start at the very beginning}

Yikes! My heart just skipped a beat. For the girl who has never had a Facebook page or twitter, a blog is a big step. I am excited and freaked out all at the same time but I am looking forward to this adventure.  Will you join me on this crazy ride??

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