Given - birthday post 2016 | Misselainious blogThe best things in life can’t be bought, many in fact are given.  Haven’t you been given something before that made your day?  Maybe someone gave you something as simple but as needed as a smile.

The best moments come in the form of an “I love you” that’s been whispered to you by anther person not just with words but with every time they faithfully helped you even if it wasn’t fun.  It comes in the moment you hear a street musician playing their heart out and a child dancing along beside them.  The best moments come when you’re crying your eyes out and someone gives you a tissue and the warmest hug.  The best moments come when you hear a baby share their laughter with you.  I could go on and on but I do know that some of the best moments in my life have been because someone gave me something (time, energy, resources, love, care…) and when I was able to do the same for someone else.

When we give freely it’s an act of recognizing that we’ve been given much.  It shows that things are meant to be shared to be fully enjoyed.

In just a few days I’ll be turning 28 (June 5th) and for the past few years I’ve wanted to share my birthday with people I love.  That’s only natural right?  Well some of the people I love are my kiddos in India.  I don’t get to be there with them this year but I’m hoping you’ll help me “share” my birthday by giving a small gift of love in the form of a donation.  Can you help my birthday wish come true?  I’d love to raise $250 for my kiddos in India.  That means if just 10 of you give $25 then my wish will come true! 🙂  (But any amount is a good amount!)  Thanks in advance sweet friends. <3  You all are some of the most generous people I’ve had the gift of knowing.

You can donate here! 🙂

EDIT:  If the link doesn’t work please email me at misselaini [@] (remove spaces and brackets).

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