{ Creating Beauty (DAY 436) }

deconstructedflower-misselainiousThe wind was twirling the dry flakes of snow around in circles on the street outside and for just a second I thought I saw the delicate hem of a dress swish just so.  Indeed I was not mistaken for this part of the country was getting ready for a winter wonder land ball.  Before I knew it the gown took form and began to spread itself out luxuriously.  Miss Winter was giddy with the excitement of it all and sent out a shiver of delight.  Once clothed in pure white and shimmering softness she reached for the last perfect accessory, slender icicles to adorn her little ears.

As she walked onto the stage there was a hush as the world watched in amazement.  While her presence was unexpected she was the loveliest sight to behold.  Life needs beauty.  Sometimes we have to be forced to stop and see it.

This past weekend as my city was cloaked in snow and ice I took the opportunity to create and explore.  My fingers turned bright red as I designed deconstructed flower art.  Time after time the wind was a tease and merrily wafted the petals askew but finally I was able to capture the designs for one moment before they were destroyed.

What I found interesting is how much joy I experienced doing something most would observe as meaningless.  Pulling petals off of stems and arranging them in the snow doesn’t sound quite that worthwhile yet creating beauty is valuable.  I believe that it points back to a beautiful God.  He designed beauty in so many shapes and forms and celebrating it and enjoying it is another way we can thank him.

It would be pointless to deny that this world is void of pain and suffering so how can we help change that?  We can be beauty creators and enhancers.  I don’t mean a Hollywood style of beauty.  Far from that what I’m talking about are things like imagination, life, and people.  When we draw out beauty and light and let it point us back to the Creator we assist in pushing back darkness and suffering.  So make sure to take some time to appreciate, encourage, and create beauty around you.

Also please don’t forget about the #4love14 campaign here!  Can we show love and encourage beauty and life for sweet children in India?  All it takes is giving a small gift of $5 dollars to do so!  Thanks everyone!

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  1. E. G. Garfield February 11, 2014 at 7:56 am #

    I so enjoy the beauty you create out of the simple, the daily things we pass by without notice. Thanks for adding beauty to my day.

    • misselaini February 12, 2014 at 9:22 pm #

      Aww! Thanks mom! I appreciate that you encourage me in these things… YOU add so much beauty to my life.

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