{Day 44}

Splash! A dew drop from heaven hit me directly on my nose as I walked along smelling the freshly scented air. I looked up as the blanketed expanse began to wash my face.  It was as if all the grime and dust from last week washed away.  My soul feels refreshed after having the water of the Word wash me.  A beautiful new week has begun.  It will hold new weather and thunderstorms may come but there will be rainbows too.  This ring from Shabby Apple reminds me that raindrops don’t have to be “rain on your parade” but they can be sparkling teardrop gifts for a parched soul.  Thank you Shabby Apple for making my week a bit brighter!

{Ring donated by Shabby Apple}

{Dress borrowed from Michelle}

{Photos by: Jenn Lynn Images}

2 Responses to {Day 44}

  1. Larissa & James Lambert June 18, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    I visited the website and am overwhelmed by the needs. Where to put the money towards? I certainly have a special place for orphans and victims of sex trafficking, but what about other practicle needs…education, first aid, emergency care, clothing…

    I don’t know how to choose and I don’t know if you get to choose for us as we are donating through you. I’ll just donate what we can and let you decide how it’s sent or maybe the organization will do that???…it doesn’t really matter I suppose, just wish more could be done.
    Thanks for doing this. Thanks for being committed to it. Thanks for being willing to set an example and be unique and lead the way for others to follow and see. You are truly, truly beautiful.

    • misselaini June 18, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

      I get overwhelmed at times too… The money goes for all those things you mentioned as it is needed. Right now that looks like opening new homes to rescue more children. The money goes directly to Warm Blankets and then they inform me of the incoming amount. Thank you for donating and for your encouragement. It is a blessing to me.

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