{Day 58}

The small hand didn’t move as I stood there, and although the large hand really didn’t make a noise it seemed to sound out the perfectly precise beating of a drum.  Everything froze for those few moment that felt like forever.  Me waiting before the three judges to give my speech.  Somehow I was calm and still breathing as I viewed the clock at the back of the room and contemplated the oddity of time.  The segments of which we measure events.  How can something that is so regulated to the very second at times seem to slow down to a halting stop or race by at such a rate as to blur vision? There are moments that seem like I have been doing this project for a long while now but most of the time I feel like the days are rushing by me.  Yet I feel peace.  I am actively waiting to see what will happen.  I am looking forward to seeing how many orphan homes we can open and how many lives we can effect.  42 days left to raise $43,000.  We don’t really know how much time we have been given so lets make it count!

{Photos by: Jenn Lynn Images}

{Styling by Karen}

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