{Day 66}

Step, step, back step.  Step, step, back step.  Twirl, twirl, twirl.  Our bodies swirled across the slick wood floor as the sound of catchy melodies came loud and clear from the speakers.  We moved from the Lindy hop, to the Charleston, to the “Titanic”.  Then my cousin looked straight into my eyes and said, “O.K. at the end you need to jump.” “Jump?” I asked.   I hesitated as I was unsure exactly what he wanted and how it would go and even though I knew he would never drop me the fear was still present.  I gazed back at him and then jumped.  And he caught me.  As we spun around and around it was perfect.  I trusted and he didn’t disappoint.  This scenario is similar to how I felt about doing this project (and how I still feel at times).  God said to trust him and jump.  Take a leap of faith.  Yes there has been fear and hesitation but I know that in the end it will be perfect.  Not because it went exactly how I thought it should or because I executed it properly but because the One I am following is a perfect lead.  Will you join this dance with me??  Please give even $5 today to the sweet children in India who need your help.

There is a lovely vintage shop that I simply adore here called Xtabay and the generous owner Liz agreed to style this fun outfit today.  If you enjoy beautiful clothing then you should definitely check it out here.  Thank you Liz for all your help and for lending me these items from Xtabay!

{Photos by: Jenn Lynn Images}

{Clothing and styling by Xtabay}

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