Mother’s Day meals

Mother's Day Meal Plans |  Misselainious blogHello friends!  So mother’s day is right around the corner and I thought it might be fun to make a list of meals you could surprise your mother with and make for her!  Often it’s the meal planning part that is the hardest thing for me to come up with so I thought I’d take the guess work out of it and help you out with these options.  I’ve also pinned these yummy recipes to my Pinterest food board if you want to make these exact options! 🙂  (My Pinterest user name is MissElaini)


Avocado strawberry + goat cheese toast. (This can be a gluten free.)
Asparagus crustless quiche
Bacon or sausage if you didn’t already but it in the quiche
Watermelon with mint

To drink: tea, coffee, orange juice, or a smoothie.


Pear arugula salad
Grilled (or baked) honey mustard chicken
Roasted red potatoes with garlic
Sourdough rolls or crusty bread

To drink: Sweet tea, sparkling water, or lemon water


Grilled steak and veggie kabobs
Buttered rice or Cilantro-Lime rice (use beef broth…)
Vanilla ice cream with peach chutney (for dessert)

To drink: Martinelli’s

You can buy a lot of these things at the store instead of making it all from scratch but if you do want to get in the kitchen and make some of these fresh you can just check out the pin on my Food board on Pinterest! 🙂  (Misselaini is my username.)

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