What truly matters?

What truly matters? | Misselainious blogHave you ever wondered what things in life truly matter?  What are the ones that “count”?  Do you find it’s easy to loose sight of why we are here?  Do you wonder why we are here in the first place?

I’m pretty sure it’d be hard to find a person who didn’t want to be loved and usually to love in return.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  Do you believe you are made for love?

Here’s the thing though.  While we live in a beautiful world we still see that it is broken.  Earthquakes, floods, disease, corruption are a fact of life.  We know that peace and love and joy are ultimate, but reality shows we still struggle to make this happen.  Where did this brokenness come from?  It comes from inside of each of us.  I know it’s pretty easy to think we are mostly good people.  But if it is our good works that will make us “win” who will receive the victors crown?  I mean sure, you probably haven’t murdered someone but you’re also not a Mother Teresa so where’s the line?  Does it matter?

Perfection is the line.  Yep, wow that’s not good news is it.  No one is perfect.  Yet, there was ONE person who was, Jesus.  And that one person who deserved all the praise because he was not just fully human but fully God knew we could never measure up.  Since he’s perfect he also values justice and so what a mess we are left with.  Thankfully Jesus entered our mess.  He came and died in our place to satisfy the justice of God.  That my friend, is good news.

What truly matters?  What matters is that we are loved by the God of the universe.  Let that sink in for a moment.  That same God died for you.  He didn’t stay dead though because the grave could not hold him.  Love won out and he arose!  Now the barrier of sin is removed because of Christ’s sacrifice.  Justice has been paid and we get the rewards.  This will either send a thrill of joy through your heart or a shiver of disdain down your spine but you can’t be neutral to that reality.

What really matters is that we can have a relationship with Jesus, the God who created soft pink blossoms and who also knows every atom of every star in the heavens.  Do you want that?  All it takes is putting your hope in what He has done for you.  Have you ever stood somewhere in creation and been awed?  For me one of those moments was at the Grand Canyon.  People literally drive out into the middle of nowhere to see something that will make them catch their breath.  We want to see beauty.  We want to be awed.  I’ll even go so far as to say that we want to feel small in the presence of grander.  hat’s why we marvel at a sunset flaming with color.  That’s why we look at the stars in wonder.

All those feelings are supposed to point us to something greater.  All those feelings of desiring love are reminders that we were created for something more.  We’re here to know and love and worship a God who is entirely good and perfect and lovely.

Since this broken world shows so many stunning moments of glory that take our breath away just think what being with the One who created it all will be like?!  We all worship something.  We crave things, people, situations.  Will you worship those things, people, or situations that are broken pieces or will you worship and love the One who will never let you go?  Will you worship the One who let his heart be broken so that he could mend yours?

I believe that’s why we’re here, to glorify God and to ENJOY him forever as the shorter catechism states.  You do have a purpose.  It’s to enjoy true beauty and love Himself for forever.

Want to talk about this?  Feel free to leave a comment below or if you have questions and want to email me you can at misselaini {@} gmail.com (remove brackets and spaces)  I don’t have all the answers but I’d love to chat with you about Jesus if you’ve never heard of him or wonder what his story means for you. 🙂

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